Love Gun

Ace of Spades

NEC PC-9801 - Released - December 7, 1995

Dangerous Toys

NEC PC-9801 - Released - December 13, 1996

This game has 10 stories about girls having fun with interesting toys and other girls.

Love Phantom

Love Phantom

NEC PC-9801 - Released - April 19, 1996

Love Phantom is a story about Akira Izayoi, a healer with supernatural powers, able to cure curses and demonic diseases, who also happens to be a big admirer of the opposite sex. This time, he finds out that the spirit of Lucretia, a French witch from 16th century, still exists, and must find and deal with it, aided by his pretty assistant and (also pretty) female witches, before an evil demonic organization beats him to it. Love Phantom consists of a large amount of text accompanied by still pictures (mostly of sexual content). From time to time, the player is able to make a choice, which would change the following dialogue and unlock (or lock) CGs rather than alter the course of the story.

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