1K Atascii Blaster/ Floppy Bird

1K Atascii Blaster/ Floppy Bird

Atari 800 - Released - 2016

1K Atascii Blaster is so named because it a) is less than 1K of code and b) uses the Atascii ("ATari ASCII") character set. It is a side scrolling shooter where you control a ship with the joystick, and can fire to destroy atascii letters in your way, or dodge them as they scroll to the left. Floppy Bird is similar to the famous Flappy Bird phone game; you control a bird who flies on screens scrolling right to left, and most both keep yourself aloft and dodge the barriers that appear at the top/bottom of the screen.


Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2019

601F is a 3D golf simulation. The player controls a pointer via joystick which determines the direction and force of a hit on the ball, then the ball rolls across the 3-D terrain with basic physics simulation. A typical terrain is several screens wide, and the display will scroll when the ball reaches the edge of the existing screen. The objective just as in real golf is to get the ball into the hole on the field. There is an editor supplied as well to create your own terrains.

Agent B.R.D.

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2020

Agent B.R.D. was third place in the annual ABBUC software contest of 2020. It is a fan sequel of sorts to the original "Agent USA" game for the Atari. A crazy smartphone has invaded germany and makes the people dumb! You must find it as quickly as possible and defuse it! Use your 100%-free train card to get tickets for local and long distance bullet trains at the ticket machines. Collect wifi symbols whenever possible. You need at least 50 of them to be able to defuse the crazy smartphone. Avoid contact with other people: you will lose a share of your wifi symbols if they run into you. You receive a tap-proof mobile phone from us. Use it to find out where the crazy smartphone is. The further away you are, the more uncertain the data is unfortunately - we do our best to help you. Don’t use the phone too often, it costs you 10% battery power each time. Collect new batteries where ever possible. In rural areas the connection often is insufficient or you won’t have network coverage at all. With 35% battery power you can give it a boost and create a short time network connection. Info booths are available in the capital city of each state. There you can get exact information on the wherabouts of the enemy and how far the dumbness has already spread.

Jewel Bits

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2010

Jewel Bits was part of the ABBUC software contest from 2010. The game is a traditional "match 3" style, where you exchange jewels with one in an adjacent slot using the cursor and joystick direction, and if that results in 3 (or more) in a row, that row is eliminated, you score points, and more jewels are randomly placed on the board.


Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2011

Marbled was first place in the 2011 ABBUC software contest. It is a puzzle game in which the objective is to move a marble to the exit square on the board. You can move the marble one square by placing the cursor on it, pushing and holding the button, then moving the stick in the direction you want the marble to move. There are squares on the board that will interact with the marble in certain ways; such as a directional arrow that will cause the marble to move in that direction as soon as it enters the square with the arrow. Others have various effects such as teleporting the marble, providing bonus points, or even immediately killing the marble. You can exchange two squares on the board (before the marble has touched them) by highlighting one, pressing fire, then highlighting the one to be exchanged and pressing fire. The puzzle is how to move through the maze while avoiding traps or dead ends by exchanging when possible.


Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2005

Your task is eliminate colored tiles by collecting them using a mover cursor. Every tile has own value(number). The mover can hold as many tiles as you want, but they have to be same value/color. When you collect a given amount of same tiles, they disappear and create new tiles with a higher number. You have to collect at least five tiles with number 1 to create tile with number 5, then at least two tiles with number 5 to create tile with number 10 and so on... There are six tiles with numbers 1,5,10,50,100,500. When you collect at least two tiles with the number 500, they disappear without creating a new tile. There is also one special tile called "shit tile" which comes after several minutes of play. You have to collect at least five of them to make them vanish. These tiles come quite rarely, so they will just stay in the way to score. New tiles come from the bottom of playfield and push old tiles up. The game ends when there is no place for new tiles. Game speed is increased over time.

Ocean Detox

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2010

Your job is to destroy toxic waste barrels in the ocean - you have a sub that crosses the top of the screen, which can drop charges that will destroy the barrels. The sub descends each pass across the screen, so if you can't time your charges correctly and leave tall columns of barrels, you will collide with them and die.

Ridiculous Reality

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2012

At first glance Ridiculous Reality looks like a standard platformer; the character can jump from section to section, there are keys and enemies to avoid, etc. However pressing the joystick reveals the puzzle nature of the game; the screen the player is on shrinks, and is shown as one piece in a set on a greater map. Keeping the mouse button down and moving the stick moves entire screens to be adjacent to each other, or on opposite sides from where they start (but only the screen the player currently occupies, you must move to other screens to be able to move them). This is the puzzle - the player needs to arrange the world so there is a path to traverse to the exit, then play that arranged set like a platformer.



Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2013

Rolltris was developed for the ABBUC software contest of 2013 and later released as packaged version with its follow-on, Thetris. Rolltris looks like a Tetris game, but plays very differently. In this version you cannot rotate the blocks as they fall, they will land in the configuration they appeared, although the block shapes are as you would expect from regular tetris. After a block shape falls however, you have a set of cursors that can point to a row at the bottom of the screen, and once lined up to that row, you can rotate it left or right. This means you spend all your time manipulating the rows to try to receive the shape that is descending, instead of trying to rotate the blocks to match the rows. Thetris, released later and included in the same box from Powersoft, plays like a traditional Tetris game using the same colorful graphics of Rolltris.

Space Binvaders

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2009

Space Binvaders was 1st place in the ABBUC software contest of 2009. You control an a ship at the bottom of the screen. Scrolling down to you are various 8 bit values, expressed in binary 1's and 0's. Your job is to flip a value to 0xFF (11111111) by shooting bits from gun. When a bit hits a position in the binary number, it will always flip it to the other value (logical not). Once a value is fully 0xFF it will scroll down quickly off the screen (and you must dodge it).


Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2013

X:8 was an entry in the 2013 ABBUC contest. It is a side scrolling "button mash" (although it has auto fire) shooter, similar in style to Gradius. Waves of enemies appear that you can shoot from right to left on your screen; some of them will drop power ups of various types: Double shot - Improves primary weapons from a damage of 1 to 2. Spread Shot - Slow weapon with damage of 2. Angle shots are ineffective in this version of the game. Fire Ball - Slow weapon with damage of 3. Piercing Shot - Fast weapon with damage of 3. Ray Gun - Fast weapon with damage of 4. Invulnerability - Places shield around your ship that prevents all damage for a short period of time. Bomb - Instantly destroys all enemy ships on the screen. Extra Life - Increases your lives by one up to a maximum of eight. There are many dangers to dodge; force fields will occasionally block your path; enemies will fire at you from all directions (including "behind" your ship on diagonals). The game uses clever approaches of leveraging the Atari hardware to have very fast action, either 50 or 60 hz (PAL or NTSC) with up to 15+ sprites on the screen, in addition to all the environmental effects of shots and fields.

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