Legion of Doom


Commodore Plus 4 - Homebrew - December 1, 2016

1010! is a homebrewed public domain puzzle game for the Commodore 16 and Plus/4 computers. It was developed by a Canadian developer known as Csabo and released by public domain group "Legion of Doom" on December 1, 2016... Brief Game Description: Fit pieces onto a 10x10 board. Complete rows and columns to clear blocks.


Commodore Plus 4 - Homebrew - April 6, 2014

2048 is a puzzle game where the idea is to make the number 2048 appear on a 4 x 4 grid. Starting with two number two's, you must move the numbers to make other number two's appear and when they touch then they double to make four. Moving the numbers make other numbers appear and if the same number touches then they double as well. You have to keep doubling the numbers until you make 2048 without filling the grid and you are unable to move any more numbers. The Commodore 16/Plus4 conversion version was developed by Csabo and published by Legion of Doom on Apr 06, 2014.


Commodore Plus 4 - Homebrew - March 2, 2020

2048-9L is an updated version of Csabo's own 2014 version. This version qualifies as an official sequel since it was made by the same developer. Like the original conversion of the popular puzzle game, this too was released by the scene group Legion of Doom. The game was released on March 2, 2020. This version was coded in BASIC for the 2020 BASIC 10 Liners Competition using only 9 lines of code, which is where the 9L portion of the game's title comes from.

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