Steve Pitman Software


Coleco ADAM - Homebrew - 1990

Brainstorm is a falling blocks puzzle game that mixes traditional Tetris gameplay with the word guessing of Hangman. Like in Tetris the player has to arrange blocks that fall from the top of the screen so that lines are created and removed. What's different is that some of the blocks have letters on them and when these are cleared from the playing field they get added to the phrase that is represented with a row of dashes at the top of the screen. Every time new letters are added to the phrase the game pauses and the player gets the chance to enter the full phrase. A ten seconds timer will then start count down and when time's out the block puzzling continues. The game ends when blocks reaches the top of the screen or if the player enters the wrong phrase. The game consists of 25 stages and four skill levels. To complete a stage, two phrases have to be completed. There are four categories of phrases to choose from: Normal, TV and Movie and Adam related. In addition to the normal mode (Game A) there is also a Game B mode which lacks the word guessing an plays like traditional Tetris.

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