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Charlie Chatterbox

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1994

A shareware release where you must collect all the fruit, as in the Dugger game. Charlie Chatterbox is based on the old Spectrum game Splat! by Incentive Software the only major difference being that Splat! scrolled the screen in a semi-random way whereas 'Charlie' follows a set route. The idea is to eat as many of the apples as possible whilst avoiding getting trapped behind walls as the screen scrolls. The only way you can die is to be forced into one of the sides of the playing area. ** SHAREWARE ** This was released as shareware on the 17-Bit Software disk 3275.


Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - July 1, 1991

Standard game of domino with 8-6 set. The computer will provide a challenge to any skilled player. Version includes source in BASIC. Released in both Fred Fish #501 and the July 1991 Memphis Amiga Group (MAG) release.

E-Type II

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1992

E-Type II is the sequel to the first E-Type game with slightly improved graphics and gameplay. You still pilots a super duper space fighter as it whizzes around rubble-infested spacelanes but this time it takes ages to destroy space rocks and boulders. You collect money by killing space nasties which are flying around so you can spend it in the shop later. After some time game become dull and not entertaining anymore.

Great Gold Raid

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1994

Clever Carusoe must collect all the gold from each of the four levels. Once he picks up a piece of gold he must get back to his home before the time runs out. He can only carry one piece of gold at a time. The guards will speed up and try to chase Carusoe when he picks up the gold. Avoid the guards or he will lose a life. Watch the time, you don't have forever!

Hearts Black Lady

Hearts Black Lady

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1988

A trick avoiding card game created by Mark Slone and released in Assassins Disk 218. It is named after its highest penalty card, the Queen of Spades or "Black Lady". It is a trick-avoidance game in which the aim is to avoid taking tricks containing hearts or the Black Lady. It is essentially Hearts with the addition of the queen of spades as a minus card, counting thirteen.


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1996

Similar to the Risk board game, in Jeopard the world is divided into 42 territories and 6 continents. The goal being to fight up to 7 of your friends in order to control all of them. You do this by attacking neighboring countries, some times many times so there is a Repeat Last Attack button to speed things us. Winning or losing is based on die rolls. Like the previously mentioned board game, you can earn cards by controlling key sections of the board and these cards, randomly chosen from the deck can give you bonus armies to distribute along with the number given for region control.


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

A Tetris variant with 3 levels of difficulty. Each shape that comes out has multiple colors and you can rotate them. Get three in a row to remove the colors.

Klondike Solitaire

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1991

Klondike, also known as Canfield, is a card game for one player and the best known and most popular version of the patience or solitaire family, something which "defies explanation" as it has one of the lowest rates of success of any such game.

Manga Hot Numbers

Commodore Amiga - 1994

An adult puzzle game by Fabrizio Bazzo and released in 1994 where completing the board gives you an adult themed manga picture. It starts off pretty standard and then REALLY ramps things up.

Marbles (17 Bit Software)

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1991

Game written in AMOS. Coding, graphics & music/sound FX by Ola Zandelin. Additional level design by Daniel Zandelin. Game includes a built-in construction kit and instructions. Game is available on 17-Bit PD disk #3305, PD-Soft disk #4248 and Assassins CD#2. Inspired by Tony Crowther's BOMBUZAL, the very first version of MARBLES developed was called BB BALL and was never officially released. A few years later, the graphics were updated, a construction kit included and the name was changed to MARBLES when coder Ola Zandelin finally released his first complete version of the game in 1991 to the eager Amiga masses. When asked what inspired the game, Zandelin had this to say:

Mr Brownstone: A Realtime Cave Simulator

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1993

Mr. Brownstone is a well done BoulderDash clone. It is a bit more polished than your average freeware Amiga game and takes a fair while to complete. There is a card-code system that can be used to start at higher levels that you have completed. Grab the diamonds, avoid falling boulders, Make your way to the exits when the diamonds are gone. Watch out for baddies.

Parachute Joust

Commodore Amiga - 1990

Your fist choice is whether or not you want to play the game with either one or two players. Once you get into the game proper you find yourself onboard a small passenger jet flying at 16,000 feet. The game begins once the door gets ripped away and you find yourself and another chap hurtling towards the ground with only one parachute! The idea is to ram your opponent to snatch back the parachute. Control is quite easy and you don't even need to use the joystick fire buttons. You simply point in the direction of your opponent and slam him to grab the parachute. The graphics are simple but effective. It's bright and colourful though which makes up for the simple graphics. The sound is just as sparse with the only real effects being the collision with your opponent and the wind howling away in the background. Soon enough however this game quickly becomes boring in one player mode and that's when you begin to experiment with the superb two player mode. This game is wonderful as a two player game but doesn't really excite in the one player mode. But why on earth they made the game quit after one go is beyond me.


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1995

Similar to Super Cars, this overhead racing game, made in Blitz BASIC, features the talent of Insane Software . A good quality game, the races can get a bit chaotic and there are some tricky tracks. The quick races make it fun.

Shoot Pontoon

Shoot Pontoon

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

A single player casino game from Bryan Black. Shoot Pontoon is simply a more money oriented version of everyone's fave card game Pontoon, Blackjack or 21. You start off with one card each and must bet based on this card. The banker will now deal you another card. From here you can now stick (if you have more than 16), twist (which costs you nothing but the banker will know your card) or buy by adding to the pot to buy another card, but the bet remains the same. If you have 14 or less with 2 cards you can also burn to get 2 new cards. If you win against the banker you will take your bets back from the pot as well as the same amount from the banker. If the banker runs out of money you have won, but the reverse is also true. Published in The Assassins releases as well as 3138 Rob's Hot Games #2, 17 Bit Software compilations and was a coverdisk for Amiga Action #60 in August 1994.

Skate Tribe

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1991

A skateboarding game originally a Atari ST game. Ported to the Amiga in AMOS. Things start off fairly easy in level 1, in which you have to grab dollar bills and avoid obstacles as you skate down a highway. In level 2, you're suddenly bombarded with flying debris. Avoid at all costs. Level 3 has you jumping from one part of a highway two another. In level 4, you grind along the rails of a train track. Futuristic cars try to ram you from behind in the mad metropolis of level 5. In level 6, you are equipped with a gun to fight some kind of giant caterpillar. An even larger mutant creature attacks in level 7 and you must survive for set a mount of time. Level 8 is a beach littered with bones and craters on which you have to evade fast-moving tricycles. The final level is a city street littered with turds, mushrooms, skeletons and, weirdly enough, sunbathing citizens.

Suicide Machine

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

Operation mouse? This 2D single screen, single player cross-hairs shooter was coded by Dennis van Koningsbruggen of Dimensions and released in 1994. Shot the dropping ammo and power-ups to take out all the trigger-happy rodents.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

You play as the iconic Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Your objective is to kill as many hapless victims as you can before you run out of petrol for your chainsaw. There are petrol canisters that extend playtime in a single round. When you run out of petrol, it is game over and you cycle back to the title screen.

The Unlikely Adventures of Edd Schiester

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

Edd Schiester is a short point & click graphic adventure game for the Amiga, created with AMOS. The interface is a LucasArts-style control panel with verb action buttons like "Pick up" and "Talk to", but there is also one labelled "Violence!" used to attack characters in the game. The game has something of a sick sense of humor, and includes a warning screen that it is not intended for children. It was released as shareware in 1992 and distributed by software libraries such as 17-Bit Software. The plot of the game is simple: the main character, Edd Schiester, has found himself trapped underground in a strange network of catacombs. The only goal is to find a way out. Left-clicking the mouse is used to select verb actions and objects. If the right mouse button is clicked while the main character is walking, this cancels the walk movement, but does not prevent an action from happening afterwards: for instance, if you "Walk to" a door, and then immediately right-click, the new location loads immediately as if the main character had "warped" over to the door. There are no conversation trees, but if you talk to a character twice they will usually something different the second time. The game's engine appears to only support exits at four fixed locations on the screen. The only sound featured in the game is two music tracks that play during the title screens.

Truckin On

Commodore Amiga - 1990

Truckin On is a 2 player game with the object to make more money than your opponent over a given time period. Each player is allocated $10,000 to start a Truckin Company. A knowledge of the trucks capacity and fuel consumption is required and this can be obtained at the relevant truckyard. Also an indication of the trucks mileage capacity is indicated at the Service Station. There are a number of pitfalls which may be encounted on the road but these are self explanatory and require little reference. The record so far is to turn $10,000 into assets of $1,000,000 in less than 10 weeks, if anyone can improve on that they should be with Allen Bond.

Yum Yum

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1992

A freeware Pac-Man clone created in AMOS BASIC created by M. Furnell in 1992. This is a playable game of Pac-Man for kids of all ages.

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