11th Dimension Entertainment

Excelsior Phase One: Lysandia

MS-DOS - Released - December 4, 1993

Excelsior is a tile-based RPG (in the vein of the early Ultima games). It places you on the planet of Lysandia with the goal of eliminating the chaotic presence threatening the planet. The game follows traditional RPG concepts, including character creation, a variety of weapons and magic spells, skill sets (such as swimming, music, and seamanship). The game provides a number of quests and side-quests designed to bring your character closer to completing the goal of liberating Lysandia.

Skyland's Star

MS-DOS - Released - 1993

Skyland's Star is a text adventure game in the spirit of the classic Zork series. You take on the role of a scientist recruited to time-travel into Earth's future. Present day Earth is in desperate trouble. The rapid population growth and ever increasing need for energy has all but depleted the world's fossil fuels, and thus far science has been unable to fully replace them with a safe alternative. You must time-travel into the future to find out how (and if) the citizens of the future Earth handled the problem, and then return to the present, so that the present day may put that knowledge to use.

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