Heavy Nova

Sharp X68000 - Released - April 10, 1992

In an era of frequent alien attacks, the Earth has a unified Government, which relies on a line of cyborgs known as the Heavy Dolls for defense. The greatest of these are known as the Heavy Nova, a title earned by passing a rigorous training regime. You are taking on the simulated proving grounds, which are split into two styles of alternating action. In the first you must progress (initially purely horizontally, though later with vertical flick-scrolling as well) through a hostile environment of enemies, bombs and traps, gaining points for doing it quickly and with lots of energy left....

Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi

Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi

Sharp X68000 - Released - 1993

In the beginning of 21th century a terrible disaster, called "demon-coming crisis", devastated the Asian continent. Hong Kong was most affected by the mysterious demonic attack. Terrible diseases turned the once prosperous city into a pale shadow of itself. But once people came back to see what happened to the isolated city, they saw it was ruled by a new order - a corporation called SIVA. The new order proclaimed New Hong Kong to be an independent state. People's Republic of China and United Kingdom signed an agreement in which they both renounced their claims over the city. The player...

Legend Of Takeru

Microsoft MSX - Released - 1987

"Legend of Takeru" (traduction of "Takeru Densetsu", タケル伝説). Also known as "Tugal" or "Fuun Takeshijyou". A clone of "The Protector".

Life & Death

Sharp X68000 - Released - April 25, 1992

Life & Death is a game which casts you as a doctor in a hospital. Your job is to diagnose patients and administer appropriate therapies, or even perform surgery when necessary. To diagnose a patient, you have to press on his or her abdomen, to see which portions of the stomach cause pain. Basing on this knowledge, you can choose a therapy for him (observation, medication or referring to another specialist) or administer a X-Ray or ultrasound scan to get more information about his illness. In some cases, surgery will be necessary. You're the surgeon and you have to perform the operation...

Mobile Suit Field Gundam

Mobile Suit Field Gundam

Microsoft MSX2


NEC PC-9801 - Released - 1994

This is a nifty top-down action game in the tradition of Zelda. While well animated, the action is unfortunately relatively jerky, and screen switches frequently port you right into enemies, seriously diminishing the fun of the game.

Star Trader

Star Trader

Sharp X68000 - Released - 1991

As ace pilot Kain, you’re approached by a young girl named Lefi, who has some kind of mysterious seal. It’s your job to fly around the star system and uncover whatever mysteries need to be solved.


Microsoft MSX2

The Wig

Microsoft MSX2+ - Released - 1989

Xak II: Rising of the Redmoon

Sharp X68000 - Released - August 29, 1992

Three years have passed since the brave young warrior Latok Kart defeated the evil demon Badu, bringing peace to Xak, the world of humans. But one of Badu's servants, a sorcerer known as the Necromancer, has escaped. He plans to summon another dark being, known as the Gospel, from the demon world Zekisis to the world of Xak. Meanwhile, Latok and his companion, the fairy Pixie, are on the way to the village of Banuwa, hearing the rumor that Latok's long lost father has been seen nearby... Rising of the Redmoon is the sequel to The Art of Visual Stage and the second entry in the Xak series....

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