Richard M. P. Hanson

Demon Dungeon

Acorn Atom - Released - December 5, 1980

The objective of Demon Dungeon is to escape from a dungeon full of monsters. The game is text based and the player makes his way through the dungeon by typing directional shortcuts (N, E, S, W). The player starts at level 1 and to escape has to make it to level 5 and beyond. To advance a level the player has to find a secret passage. Each cell on the map has a number that represents the likelihood of it containing something. This can be either treasure, magic stones or monsters. The game helps the player by showing his status as either red or blue. Red means that the player is moving in the right direction. When coming across a monster the player can do three actions: cast a spell, throw a magic stone or run away. Spells and magic stones have a 90% chance of killing the monster but only one spell can be used on each type of monster. Running away should only be used when the spell has been used and there are no magic stones left, since there is a 25% chance that the monster will follow and kill the player. The player only has one life and has to restart from the beginning when killed.

Invader Force

Acorn Atom - Released - 1981

Invader Force is a Space Invaders clone. The player moves a laser cannon left and right and has to shoot down all aliens that move back and forth above him while at the same time avoid getting hit by their fire. This variant has the same features as the Taito original including a mother ship that occasionally moves across the top of the screen and shields to hide behind. The game is endless and when all aliens have been killed another (more lethal) wave will take their place. The aim is simply to get as high score as possible. The score per kill depends on the position of the alien. Aliens on the bottom two rows are worth only ten points while those on the top row are worth four times as much. The player has three lives when starting out but an extra life is earned when a full wave has been destroyed. There are six difficulty levels that determine the starting position of the aliens, their descent rate and their firing rate.

The Legend of Sinbad

The Legend of Sinbad

Commodore 64 - Released - 1986

You are the famous sailor Sinbad and on a voyage you managed to get kidnapped by the evil Sultan Salabim and you must escape from your captors before attempting to kill the Sultan. The game is split over five levels with four of the five levels having different gameplay styles and these include a maze game, platform game, 1st person shooter and a side view shooter. You start with five lives and if you are touched or shot by any creature or guard then you lose one life and also each level has a timer, and when this reaches zero you lose a life as well.

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