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GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 2010


GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 2013

Hexed! is a card-based game by FURY and proceeds Vector 21 and Royal 21. Similar to most of George Pelonis's releases, it had a limited production run. Due to slow sales, the production was set at 50 with extremely short notice. With such a small number produced, it has caused high collectability. Hexed! is turn-based. Card info will be displayed when the player hovers their pointer over any of the three displayed cards. While hovering, the player can grab the card and drop it anywhere in the play area. Some cards can be combined by dropping the active card directly on top of a compatible card to make a new more powerful card to play on a subsequent turn. Cards that have the ability to be combined are labeled as combo cards on-screen, however only certain cards can be combined. The dealer cannot combine card and must play the next card in the deck of Voo-Doom. Life is indicated as an orb. Certain cards will increase the players life orb while others will diminish the dealer's life orb when played. The goal is to deplete the dealer's life orb of all power and win the game before the dealer drains all the player's life orb. In addition to cards which affect life, there are also cards which cause the player to both be infected or possessed and will gradually drain life until either a cure card is used or all life is drained.

I, Cyborg

GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 2004

I, Cyborg is a shooter set in a partial 3-D environment viewed in a behind the player perspective. Somewhat presented in the same manner as the unreleased Dark Tower, the player moves a big cyborg throughout several levels, seeking revenge after being wrongfully imprisoned and either avoiding or destroying everything in its way. As the player moves throughout an Area, at various times a trap will be triggered, releasing an enemy (or a set of them) from the top or side areas of the screen, which will then attack the cyborg. Enemies either come out in a set number, while others will keep on reappearing indefinitely until the player moves forward a certain amount until the trap deactivates itself. Enemies can also shoot or ram into the cyborg, causing damage, which is denoted by a number on the cyborg's back. The cyborg starts each area or phase with 10 health units, which a collision with an enemy or its weapon will drop the cyborg's health down by one, except for an encounter with Decapitators, which will instantly end the game upon contact. Meanwhile the cyborg can counterattack with an acid mist weapon that can be aimed in three directions.

Royal 21

GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - August 8, 2009

Royal 21 is a follow-up to FURY's Vector 21, the first ever card game for the Vectrex. From its predecesor, a Tetris element was added, where dealt cards advance towards the playfield area and the player has to move them to the appropriate stacks (note: unlike with Tetris though, the cards move from the bottom to the top of the screen, rather than top to bottom). The object is to get as many cards as possible in a stack to equal 21 or to have five cards in a stack equal less than 21, which will then remove the stack from the game. A stack can only have five cards maximum; if a fifth card is placed in a stack and the stack amount is over 21, then that stack is a bust. There are four stacks from left to right on the screen, although they are not numbered. (The first stack is at the left side of the screen, the one next to it on the right is the second stack, etc.)

Vector 21

GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 2006

Vector 21 is one of the very few card games for the Vectrex, being a cross between Blackjack and Solitaire. It is the player's goal to try to score a point value of 21 or less in a card stack as many times as possible without busting (going over 21) before running out of time. There are also several bonuses rather than just having a stack add up to 21 (which is a Blackjack) as well. Points are also awarded for a Five Card Fury (when five cards are placed in a stack that equals less than 21), as well as there being a time bonus awarded if the player is able to go through the entire deck of cards before time runs out with a minute or more remaining on the clock.

War of the Robots

GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 2003

The player controls a gun turret on a watchtower in the Robot Drop Zone. Robots circle the tower and shoot seekers at the player in an attempt to deplete their damage gauge. Both the robots and the seekers must be destroyed, but ammo is not infinite and must be used with care. When the player's ammo is completely spent, it's only a matter of time before game over. In a phase where a certain number of robots must be destroyed, the player is just a sitting duck; however, in a survival phase, it is possible to advance to the next stage if the player has enough health, then they can can wait out the time limit.

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