Electric Black Sheep


Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 2019

An Unofficial port of BeatSaber to the Commodore Amiga. This is (clearly) not an exact clone of Beatsaber. It is only meant for fun and becouse it was possible to do! Any Song can be easily converted into the program. The converter and the Amos source code are also inclouded in the RAR file.

Drag & Drop

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 2020

A new little (Amiga ECS, OCS, AGA) game based on the polpular "Block Puzzle" games everyone knows! The game is created in matter of 1-2 day. It's coded in AMOS and the source-code in the ADF. It is followed by the sequel: Drag & Drop Deluxe with has voice! 7 game modes: EASY: Basic drag &Drop SURVIVOR: If The Timer ends, a block will be replaced into an other free place. TIMEATTACK: Run against time. EXTREME: Run against time , but you are sabotaged by randomly placed blocks. BABY: You always have three choices to select from. UNPREDICTABLE: With every steps You always get random formations. INVERSE: You can put formations to anywhere, even if it is already filled, but it will be inverted. VIRUS: This could be enabled in all the game modes. A virus is eating the filled places in the playing field.

Drag & Drop Deluxe

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - March 21, 2020

Drag & Drop is a puzzle game where you place pre-arranged sets of blocks onto a grid. By creating horizontal or vertical lines of blocks which cross from one side of the grid to the other, you gain points and the block lines are removed to make space for more sets. Seven different game modes, including three timed modes, provide different challenges, and a "virus" option exists which randomly removes placed blocks, increasing the game's challenge. The game was developed using AMOS, with source code available with the game.

None of Us

Commodore Amiga - October 5, 2022

This is not a game in progress! Just a mini game for testing visuals and gameplay (amongst other things)! The essence of the test is to obscure the opponents from the players viewpoint with light/shadow. Ok, we all see that in modern platforms, but not under AMIGA - AMOS Pro. Req: Amiga with ECS chip, 2mb chipram and a fast Cpu. Normal versionn is working with 1 bitmap layer, EHBversion is with 2 layers so it is slower. "M" key = map function.

Project Horizon

Commodore Amiga - Unreleased - 2021

Project Horizon is an 8-way scrolling top down shooter sci-fi game for Commodore AMIGA. The player is a NASA astronaut on the Moon (1977 - alternate timeline) who is find himself in a war situation.

Project Quest: Chapter I

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 2021

Quest is a game from Electric Black Sheep, it is an an 8-way scrolling top down fantasy shooter with a very nice audio-visuals released in 2021. A map-editor will be available with Project Horizon giving you the opportunity to create new maps for the game, which uses standard ABK (gfx or sound bank) used in AMOS and the ability to add new graphics, to create a whole new shooter game if you wish.


Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - May 16, 2023

In this classic game of Skinvaders for the Commodore Amiga, the gameplay is identical to the original Arcade hit, in that you need to not only survive by using the buildings\shields as a defense, but you must also destroy the enemy waves as they move from side to side and slowly drop towards you. And that's all there is to say, as if you've heard and or played Space Invaders before, you know what to expect.

Star Dust Wars

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 2018

Take on the Empire in this 2.5D space shooter set around the battle of Yavin from the A New Hope. Recreates the Death Star battle from the finale of Star Wars: A New Hope. TIE Fighters attack from the front while larger Empire and Rebel battleships pass by in the distance. Looks pretty good for an AMOS game, especially the Death Star trench sequence at the end. If you activate music in the options, you get to hear the Star Wars main theme once but it could use more music.

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