Bryan Black

Pub Darts

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1994

Official game readme file by Bryan Black: Picture this: Saturday night, pub`s closed, nowhere to play darts and drink lots of brown booze. But not booze for t` baby. Solution: Play Pub Darts!! and hence forth bequeath supreme knowledge through Jimmy Nail`s Adidas bag. From this bag shall reach an arm that shall reach up the central aisle and from this hand shall reach two fingers, one with the face of Jimmy Saville and the other hence begat Jimmy Hill, this finger shall reach forth and touch someone on the forehead and he shall be the new messiah who will forthwith give birth....

Shoot Pontoon

Shoot Pontoon

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

A single player casino game from Bryan Black. Shoot Pontoon is simply a more money oriented version of everyone's fave card game Pontoon, Blackjack or 21. You start off with one card each and must bet based on this card. The banker will now deal you another card. From here you can now stick (if you have more than 16), twist (which costs you nothing but the banker will know your card) or buy by adding to the pot to buy another card, but the bet remains the same. If you have 14 or less with 2 cards you can also burn to get 2 new cards. If you win against the banker you will take your bets back from the pot as well as the same amount from the banker. If the banker runs out of money you have won, but the reverse is also true. Published in The Assassins releases as well as 3138 Rob's Hot Games #2, 17 Bit Software compilations and was a coverdisk for Amiga Action #60 in August 1994.

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