Berzerk Debugged

GCE Vectrex - ROM Hack

Berzerk Debugged is a version of the original Berzerk which no longer has crashes and has a few other bugs fixed. In the original version, there is a bug which causes the player to not receive a bonus for destroying all enemies on a level with ten robots. The crash exists at higher point ranges (5,000/7,000 points and above). At these point ranges, a high number of robots return fire simultaneously and overload the memory needed to keep track of all the projectiles. In addition, robots can no longer shoot through walls. Homebrewer Mark Shaker released Berzerk Debugged as part of At the time, he had acquired two different fixed version of Berzerk which contained several bug fixes. One was a GCE prototype dubbed Berzerk II and the other was a debug by Fred Taft from a disassembled ROM. Both fixed the crash and had a number of other optimizations. Berzerk II is included on the Sean Kelly Multicart 2.0 while the Fred Taft Berzerk Debugged may be the version released by Mark Shaker and later John Donzila.

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