NEC PC-8801

The NEC PC8801 was the followup from the NEC PC8001. It was distributed in west Europe by NEC Neuss Germany. These even manufactured computer furniture to be bought by complete systems. In the U.K. this was also a well know model in the marked of...


NEC PC-8801 - May 1, 1985

Ashe is a side-view shooter with some platforming elements. The player can explore several interconnected areas, though certain locations can only be accessed in a specific order, after having fulfilled other objectives or acquired the necessary items. The player character uses his psionic ability to shoot energy balls at enemies, which causes his ESP level to be gradually depleted. Certain areas require jumping or climbing on structures to bypass.

Mario Bros. Special

Mario Bros. Special

NEC PC-8801 - December 31, 1984

Punch Ball Mario Bros.

Punch Ball Mario Bros.

NEC PC-8801 - August 26, 1984

Super Mario Bros. Special

NEC PC-8801 - 1986

Super Mario Bros. Special (???????????? ?????) was developed by Hudson Soft and released in 1986 for the NEC PC-8801. Special was the first Nintendo-licensed follow-up to Super Mario Bros., released shortly before Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Although it has similar controls and graphics, there are new level layouts and the game scrolls in a different manner than the original game (differing based on the computer). In addition, many new enemies are included, including enemies from Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

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