Public Domain/Freeware


Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2003

Care to put your virtual money where your virtual mouth is? Make a series of pass/fail wagers and find just how difficult it can be to link a string of them together towards winning a million dollars!

1 Block Snake

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2004

A public domain snake game written in BASIC in 2004 by Diego Barzon

1 Ton

MS-DOS - Homebrew - 1996

1 Ton is a freeware game where the player controls a weight of one ton. There are multiple people walking over the screen and the goal is simple: crushing as many of them as possible. This is accomplished by hitting the people with the ton.

1000 Miles

Commodore 64 - Homebrew

Based on the Mille Bornes board game where you try to get your vehicle to go 1000 miles before your opponent can. You can give crashes, flat tires, out of gas and speed limits to your opponent, and they to you to try to slow you down, you can repairs you can get to fix these to continue on, but with miles lost in the process.


MS-DOS - Released - 1993

123-Talk is a shareware, single-player, package of educational games whose distinguishing feature is that it provides audio feedback and encouragement to the pupil. Note: The audio is horrifying. The package consists of the following mini games: * Keyboard Banger 123: When it starts the game paints a pattern on screen using a digit in multiple colours, When the child hits the keyboard the digit is displayed centre screen and the game says 'Try saying this number .......', then the pattern is wiped and a new one is drawn using a new digit. * 123 Song: The numbers one to twenty are...


Commodore 64 - Released - 2004

The traditional Nim-game (aka Marienbad-game) consists of four rows of 1, 3, 5 and 7 matchsticks (or any other objects). Two players take any number of matchsticks from one row alternately. The one, who takes the last matchstick loses.

2 Worms War

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - June 6, 2001

Commodore 64 Crap Game Compo 2001 (C64CGC).


Commodore 64 - Homebrew

Basic shoot em up, looks like Xevious, but without bombs


Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2001

Tonight, in New York City, you are "Reginald Halvers", carrying identification papers and a sealed white envelope. Your mission: to attend the Langley post-dinner New Year's Eve party in apartment 2604 where you will exchange the envelope for a prototype microchip. The elevator has just deposited you on the twenty-sixth floor. Go!

2K Sweeper of Mines

Commodore 64 - Released - 2001

This is a build your own version of minecraft that won the Minigame Competition 2001 - 2K Category.

3D Tanks

Acorn Archimedes - 1992

Most likely an unauthorized version of 3-D Tank Zone, this game puts you to an endless deathmatch against other tanks inside a wireframe city.

3D Trek

MS-DOS - Homebrew - 1992

3D Trek is a single-player adventure game based, unofficially, on Star Trek, the original series. The game was developed using Domark's Virtual Reality Studio and it's a timed adventure game which, given the similarity of the corridors plays like a maze exploration game. The self destruct sequence on the USS Enterprise has been triggered and the player must explore the ship and some off-ship areas to find five coloured objects plus a few tools, take them to the Engineering section, access the computer terminal there and prevent the detonation. All of this must be accomplished before the...



ColecoVision - Homebrew - 2002

Play starts with the first player rolling the dice and then making a hand. The player can roll again to better his hand but if he only rolls once, all other players following only get one roll to make a hand. The player at the end of the round with the best hand gets a point. Typically this game is played 10 rounds and the highest score at the end wins. Hands rank as follows: 4-2-1 (Scores double on first roll) Three of a kind 6-6-6 highest to 1-1-1 lowest Two of a kind plus a backer 6-6-5 highest to 1-1-2 lowest no matches 4-5-6 highest to 1-2-3 lowest

Adventure I #02: The Great Pyramid

Commodore 64 - Released - 1983

Adventure 2: The Great Pyramid, like its predecessor, is a text adventure game with little to no story. The aim in the game is to find a number of treasures that are scattered around the game world. The world comprises a great pyramid and its immediate surrounding desert. The game features save and restore functionality.

Adventure I #03: Haunted Mansion

Commodore 64 - Released - 1983

Adventure 3: Haunted Mansion is a text adventure game in which the player explores a haunted mansion and its immediate surroundings. Hidden in the game are 20 treasures for the player to find and return to their proper place. The game plays much like the previous games in the series and other treasure hunter text adventures from around the same time. The player can pick up and interact with items and must navigate from place to place. There is also a haunted forest where going back the way you came might not lead to the expected results.

Adventure in Atlantis

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1982

Voyage to Atlantis is a treasure hunting text adventure in which the player explores the lost city of Atlantis. In conventional fashion the player starts in a location with a sign that all treasures should be dropped there and the player can move from there to explore his surroundings, pick up items and solve simple puzzles. There are some hostile marine animals that have to be defeated as well as a maze. The game can also be saved into a single save-slot.

AFL Boulder Dash

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1987

Alien Bash

Commodore 64 - 1999

All Good Things

All Good Things

GCE Vectrex - Homebrew - 1996

Arcade Attack 64

Commodore 64 - Unlicensed - 1990

Swedish public domain Arcade style space shooter released in public domain collections in 1990 and 1991. Translated Swedish introduction: Old BASIC game, which is pretty fun. You need to take care, keep the ship refueled and watch out for rocket overheating.


Commodore 64 - 2003

Play the role of a spaceship pilot trapped in a gigantic asteroid cloud and pulverize incoming asteroids with the ship's photon cannon. When all asteroids are destroyed, the player can then move on to the next round. In addition to the asteroids, the player will also face an Alien Robot Saucer which shoots randomly across the screen. The player using the controller may rotate the ship (left or right) to any direction or move the ship forward. Shots will be fired according to the ship direction. The player has three reserved ships available to replace a destroyed spaceship. The spaceship is...


Commodore 64 - Released - 1988


Commodore 64 - Released - December 23, 2009

Made as a Christmas present to the Commodore Community this is a clone of the original Imagic Atlantis (originally for the Atari 2600) but for the Commodore 64, the description of that original game was as such: The lost city of Atlantis is under attack! Wave after wave of Gorgon vessels are approaching, each armed with weapons capable of destroying a part of the city. You are in charge of the command posts at the edges of the city and need to defend it from the invaders. The various gorgon craft will keep flying by on the screen in varying numbers and in different flight patterns. At first...

Atlantis Lode Runner

Commodore 64 - Unreleased

An unpublished work from the makers of Load Runner. More load runner levels for you to enjoy.



Atari Jaguar CD - February 18, 2006

Similar to the famous ST Atomic which is both a mind game and also a tool to learn some basic knowledge of chemistry.

Aviator Arcade

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2014

Stop the evil X-Force terrorists with your powerful attack chopper. Seek and destroy.

The Awakening

Commodore 64 - 1998

Barbarian Invaders

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Released - 2002

Barbarian Invaders is a Space Invaders clone.

Battle Hamster

Windows 3.X - 1995

It is a two-player battle to the finish with hamsters. There are no endings and only one character. One repetitive song is all there is for background music. A few cheesy sound effects make up the voice portion of the game. Special moves are few in number and only involve holding the down key and pressing an attack button. The only thing this game is really good for is its cuteness. If you like 'cutesy' fighting games, this one's for you.

Battle Sat

Windows 3.X - Released - August 28, 1991

Battle Sat is a shareware clone of the classic Battleship board game. However, here the conflict has left the oceans and has instead gone to the skies above. The player takes turns against the computer's AI in a race to destroy the opponent's Sats (or Satellites). Gameplay is very similar to the classic Battleship - There are three grids on the screen: The left grid shows your opponent's playfield and tells you if you've hit one of his Sats, or if you missed. The middle grid allows you to choose what area you will attack during your turn. The right grid displays your own Sats, their status,...


Commodore 64 - 1983


Windows 3.X - Released - 1996

BattleStar is basically a Battleship-variant for one player. The player controls a space ship which needs to kill all Zilog ships on the 8x8x8 game field. The game shows only one perspective at the time but by using one of the three scanners the perspective shifts and it also says how many enemy ships are on he chosen axis. Just like in Battleship he doesn't know where these ships exactly are. He has to aim his airship's gun to a certain coordinate - if he hits an enemy ship, it gets destroyed. The position also gets marked so he doesn't shoot the same field twice. The Zilog ships don't...

BBC Tetris

BBC Microcomputer System - Homebrew - 2017

A well made Tetris clone written in 1991 by Charles Reilly. However, he had forgotten about it and released it as public domain (with some tweeking to the code) in 2017



Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2003

Bellringer II

Bellringer II

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2005

You are the Bellringer, and your mission this time is to collect as many bags of gold as possible from four castle towers. You will be awarded 750 pts for each bag collected. You move up through the towers by climbing ladders. At the top of each tower is a final ladder which needs to be fully raised by ringing five (out of eight) bells in the correct order. Every time you ring a correct bell, the ladder is raised a little. If you ring an incorrect bell, the ladder is lowered and you must ring the previous correct bell again. You need to be positioned just below a bell and then jump...

Bellringer III

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2013


Commodore 64 - Unlicensed


Commodore 64

Blob Factory

Windows 3.X - Released - 1996

Blob Factory is a single player, freeware, side scrolling platform game. The eponymous Blob, a blue circle with feet, was relaxing in his hot tub at the factory when something went wrong. His tub exploded sending him across the factory and now he must make his way back, avoiding toxic green slime and nasty robots along the way. The game is level based, each level ends when Blob reaches his blue hot tub. Blob cannot fight, the only controls are the left/right arrows to move him and the space bar to make him jump.There are cheat keys that allow the player to jump to the next level, clear a...

Block Breaker

Windows 3.X - Released - 1992

A simple Breakout clone for windows. It featured many levels and a level editor.


Commodore 64 - 2000

Blood 2: Back to Brutality

Commodore 64 - 2003

Blood Hand

Commodore 64 - 1997


Acorn Archimedes - 1992

Bloxed is a Tetris variant that most closely resembles the arcade game Bloxeed. The basic gameplay is the same but it adds various power ups to the game. These are called power blocks and appear randomly as part of tetrominoes and are activated when a row consisting of one is cleared. There are four different power blocks: four lines, filler, shooter, bomb and 16 ton weight. Four lines removes up to four incomplete lines from the playfield. Filler replaces the next tetromino with a little alien that the player controls and drops single blocks. It can be used to fill in holes in partially...


Windows 3.X - Released - November 1, 1992

BogOut is a game based on the classic board game Boggle. Random letters are placed on a 5X5 or 4X4 grid and you try to get as many words as possible in the time allotted. Words must be at least 4 letters long and the longer your word is the more points you get for it. When the time is up you are shown all the words that were possible and how many points you got. You can play on a 4X4 or 5X5 grid, and you can add or delete words from their dictionary. One of the coolest features off BogOut is the multiplayer mode. By pressing restart game after you finish one round you can compare scores...

Bomb Catch

Commodore 64 - 2006

Bow & Arrow

Windows 3.X - Homebrew - 1992

A skill game where you play a kind of Robin Hood :)

Brain Games For Windows

Windows 3.X - Released - February 23, 1992

Brain Games For Windows contains seven puzzle games bundled together. The games included are: Achi - You play against the CPU. The game is similar to Tic-Tac-Toe; however, if a stalemate occurs, each player can move one of their tiles and possibly get a game-winning line. Bastille - The object of the game is to remove buttons from the game board. You do so by moving one button over another; you can only jump over one button at a time, and the place where you land has to be empty. The game includes five different button patterns, each one more difficult than the last. Battle Sat -...

Breakout 3000

Windows 3.X - Released - August 1, 1999

Like the name suggests, Breakout 3000 is a Breakout game. So you have a screen filled with bricks, a ball and a paddle. Destroy all bricks with the ball. Use the paddle to bounce the ball back into the playfield when it's about to leave the screen. The game offers 23 levels to play. The more levels you play, the faster will be the game, but also the more special bricks you encounter (exploding bricks, which destroys adjacent bricks; extra lives; etc.) and the more different background themes you will see.

Brick Buster

Commodore 64 - 2014

Brilliant Maze

Commodore 64 - 2014



Commodore 64 - Released - 2014

2048 is played on a gray 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles that slide smoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys. Every turn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possible in the chosen direction until they are stopped by either another tile or the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the total value of the two tiles that collided. The resulting tile cannot merge with another tile again in the same move. A scoreboard on the...

Card Land

Commodore 64 - 1995

Commodore Scene #12 (10/1996).

Caribbean Treasure

Windows 3.X - Released - 1996

In this third person point and click adventure game, you play as a nameless tourist who has come for a vacation on a Caribbean island in search for treasure. When you arrive, you discover the island is completely deserted. Unfazed by this, you begin an exploration of the island in the hopes your trip will be a worthwhile one.


Commodore 64 - 1985

Cavelon 64

Commodore 64 - 2008


Commodore 64 - 1991


Windows 3.X - Homebrew - 1990

Looking for a game of Checkers? Offering 5 skill levels, it is up to you to capture all your opponents pieces on the game board. You are allowed to move a single space in one direction (up) if no jumps are available. If you are able to jump an opponent's piece, you must do so. Jumping an opponent's piece (or pieces if you can do a multiple jump), captures the piece(s). If you get any of your pieces to the farthest end of the board, you are "kinged". This means that your piece can now move in any direction; offering a distinct advantage. The game allows for 0 to 2 human players. The...

Chinese Solitaire

Windows 3.X - Released - 1996

Chinese Solitaire is a single player card game. Superficially the game resembles Klondike solitaire in that some of the cards are face up and they are built into sequences of descending rank and alternating colour. Forty-nine cards are dealt into seven stacks of seven cards. The first four stacks are dealt face up, the remainder have three cards face down and four cards face up. Cards can be moved between the stacks either singly or on blocks, the only rule being that the card selected must be placed on a card of the opposite colour and one higher in rank - so a seven of hearts could be...


Commodore 64 - 1998

GO64! 2004/12.

COC: Construction of Confusion

Commodore 64 - 1992

Combination Deluxe

Combination Deluxe

Commodore 64 - 2008

Digital Talk #98.

Combination Wars

Commodore 64 - Released - 1978

Combination Wars is an education game in which the player must solve equations under pressure. Torpedoes are moving towards the player with equations on them. They must be destroyed by typing in the answer.

Combination Wars

Commodore PET - 1978

Combination Wars is an education game in which the player must solve equations under pressure. Torpedoes are moving towards the player with equations on them. They must be destroyed by typing in the answer.


Acorn Archimedes

This is a RISC OS version of the classic 'computer virus' game/simulation, popular in the 1980's. Originally inspired by an article telling about the game called Core War, where hostile programs engage in a battle of bits. It is a programming game in which two programs run in a simulated computer with the goal of terminating opponent. Once the game is started the player watch the code overwriting all the memory.

Cosmic Ark

Cosmic Ark

Commodore 64 - Released - 2013

The Alpha Ro solar system is in crisis! Their sun is about to go supernova, meaning the death of all the many planets and the exotic lifeforms who call them home. Luckily, though, the noble Atlanteans have heard of Alpha Ro's plight and have sent a vast Cosmic Ark thousands of light-years across the galaxy to try and save as many species as possible. As the captain of the Ark, the player will have to contend with deadly meteor storms and planetary defense systems to succeed the mission. This frantic outer space "save' em up" style game was released in as part of the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge...


Commodore 64 - 2014

Cow V: The Great Egg Quest

Windows 3.X - Released - 1992

A guest in your Uncle Willy's farmhouse, your relation leaves a note for you asking for you to go to the coop, feed the chickens and retrieve eggs for breakfast. In a game with higher aspirations, those seemingly simple tasks might have led to grander adventures; here, however, getting them done is as simple and direct as one could hope. This makes for what could be described as a very short game -- presumably the last in a long series of such.

Cowboy Duel Junior: Live Your Dream ...Again!

Commodore 64 - 2014

Cowboy Duel: Live Your Dream!

Commodore 64 - 2013

Crackers Revenge

Commodore 64 - 1985

Digital Marketing PD #028, Stonysoft #0160.

Crank Crank Revolution

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - April 1, 2018

A game in which you play as an organ grinder where your goal is the draw people to your "cranking" and getting them to pay you. Released at the Revision 2018 party

Crank Crank Revolution: Gubbdata Edition

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - June 30, 2018

A game in which you play as an organ grinder trying to get people to listen to your music and pay you. This is an updated version of the original with improved graphics and different music. This version was released at Gubbdata 2018, hence the secondary name.

Crazy Dog Racing

Commodore 64 - 2013

Commodore Free #078.

Creepie Crawlie 1 & 2

Acorn Archimedes

Creepie Crawlie 1 & 2 includes two snake variants for RiskOS.


Windows 3.X - Released - 1991

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 121 points. The current point totals are shown in two different ways. The values are shown in the ""Computer's Score"" and ""Player's Score"" score box. These same values are also represented as pegged values on the cribbage board. The computer's pegs are yellow and the player's pegs are blue. The pegs always go up the outside and down the inside. If the winner reaches 121 before the opponent gets 91, this is called a skunk and is considered as two games won (and double the money). If the opponent doesn't reach 61 this is considered a...


Commodore 64 - 1995


Windows 3.X - Homebrew - August 13, 1991

Following in the footsteps of the early UNIX game Robots (and perhaps from there the still-earlier BASIC game Chase?), this game puts the player in charge of a little protagonist, often claimed to be The Doctor, occupying a position on a top-down grid which is otherwise strewn, not with mines, but with those killer cyborgs which are his personal nemesis, the Daleks. They have no long-range weapons, but if they touch him, he will find himself ex-ter-min-ated! Fortunately for him, contact with them is as lethal to each other as it is to him. Every time he takes a step, they all draw one...


Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Unlicensed - 1987

Danger is a Spanish action game released as freeware in 1987.


Commodore 64 - Homebrew

A graphic adventure game made with Gary Kitchen's Game Maker.

Deal or no Deal

Commodore 64 - Unlicensed - August 19, 2007

This says it was credited to Noel Edmonds, but Noel was the host of the UK version of Deal or No Deal, so it is most likely incorrect. A version of the game for the C64 programmed in BASIC and released anonymously to Public Domain on Lemon64.

Devil Ronin

Commodore 64 - 2013

RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013.


Windows 3.X - Unlicensed - 1994

Dodger is a game in the style of Pac-Man. In Pac-Man the player has to eat all the dots from the board in order to pass to the next level. In this game the dots are replaced by fruits (apple, strawberry and cherry) that the player has to eat in order to get a score and to go to the next level. The enemies are four mean laser machines in the sides of the levels and they attack the player by shooting lasers. When the character is hit, a life is lost. Unlike Pac-Man there are no special pills in the game. The board also contains skulls and they also make the character lose a life upon contact....

Dog Star Adventure

Commodore 64 - 1980

Dog Star Adventure is a text adventure game inspired by Star Wars. In the commercial TRS-80 release all references to Star Wars have been changed. Princess Leia has changed to Leya, Darth Vader to General Doom, Stormtroopers to Roche Soldiers, the Rebel Alliance to Forces of Freedom, etc. In the Commodore PET conversion, most (but not all) references have been restored to their Star Wars inspirations. In the game Leia (or Leya) is captured by the Empire. She is now stuck on Darth Vader's battlecruiser. It's up to the player, taking the role of a robot, to restore the Millennium Falcon to...

Dopefish Forever!

Windows 3.X - Homebrew - July 4, 1997

Here we have an expanded version of the author's earlier Dopefish Lives! featuring two- and four-player modes, but no single-player game. In addition to the "fishfest" mode, which reproduces the original game's simple schoolfish-eating game (but makes it competitive -- who can eat the most the fastest?), this game also takes a nod from the FPS revolution its parent companies spawned and features two- and four-player deathmatches (aka "dopematch"es) where the players must line themselves up properly to eat a schoolfish precisely at the moment when they're facing an opponent, as the food quickly...

Dopefish Lives!

Windows 3.X - Homebrew - April 15, 1997

Taking its name from a secret message in Rise of the Triad, this game takes the famous ravenous green burping fish antagonist of the underwater levels of Commander Keen 4, the Dopefish, and, for the first time, takes him out beyond the role of easter egg and puts the player in charge of him. The player swims around the screen and opens the goofy fish's gaping maw by hitting the Ctrl key... hopefully timed appropriately for when a little schoolfish might just be swimming in (and then...indicating its appreciation with a resounding belch). Upon consuming a certain allotment of fishies, levels...

Drain Storm

Windows 3.X - Homebrew - 1997

A polished, highly addictive, tactical challenge. Venture deep into the sewer, pursued by bizarre, deadly monsters. Gather weapons: radio-controlled explosives, decoys, giant bubbles (which swallow monsters whole) and many more. Visit poker casino to wager weapons and do battle with pit bosses! When you're powerful enough, attempt the awesome, final challenge.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Windows - September 18, 2006

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a roguelike in which you explore a huge randomly generated dungeon , in a quest for the mystifyingly fabulous Orb of Zot. Stone Soup is an open source fork from Dungeon Crawl originally released by Linley Henzell in 1995 and is the only actively developed Crawl left. Dungeon Crawl features classic roguelike elements like permadeath, a constant need for food, and randomly generated dungeons. The name "Stone Soup" is a reference to the old folk story in which a stranger from out of town tricks the residents into cooking a pot of soup for him, by placing his...

Dungeon Explorer

Commodore 64 - 2010

Dunjon Battler

Commodore 64 - Released - 2011


Commodore 64 - 2004

GO64! 2004/07.

Econ's Arena

Windows 3.X - Released - October 18, 1994

Econ's Arena is a tactical game in which the four ancient elements (fire, water, earth, air) are fighting each other. Every element has unique troops which differ in moving range, life energy and combat strength. To win the game you either have to defeat the other elements or find three of your own tokens which appear regularly on the game field and are guarded by a warden. The field is divided into five areas: Four triangles are the "homelands" of the elements in which the own troops regenerate. The rest are neutral zones. The two outer rows of each triangle rotate after every round...

Edge Grinder

Commodore 64 - 2011

Edge Grinder is a side view scrolling horizontal shooter where the screen scrolls constantly as you move your spacecraft around the screen blasting waves of alien ships. As you move from left to right over one level, you must shoot or avoid the alien ships or you lose one of three lives. Your weak point on your craft is the centre so you are able to grind your craft along the walls and obstacles that appear for extra points.


Commodore 64 - 2014

Reset #05 Mix-i-Disk.


Commodore 64 - 1988

GO64! 2005/10.

Emerald Miner

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1989

A freeware homebrew/public domain Boulder Dash clone released by Andrew Kuhl and Donovan Brockmeyer in 1989


Windows 3.X - Homebrew - 1993

The object of this game is to connect pipes to let water flow from the Start to Finish. Pipe tiles are provided as shown in the Next window. Move mouse cursor to a square on the game field where you want to place a tile, and press the left mouse button. You can place a tile anywhere except Start, Finish, Pass, or other obstacles. You can replace a tile that is previously placed if no water flows on it. In stages where there are more than one Start and Finish tiles, you must connect the same color of water. In stages where there is a Pass tile, only the same color of water as shown on the tile...


Commodore 64 - 1988

Commodore Free #078.

Escape from Atlantis

Commodore 64 - Released

A text adventure game that was originally programmed for the TRS-80 Model 1, reprogrammed by the original author for the C64 and uploaded to the GEnie Commodore File Library for pubic distribution.


Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 1997

A fully-fledged text adventure featuring you as the hapless toad who's forgotten where his keys are and therefore can't get out of his house. Built for 1997's comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition (CSSCGC).

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