Barbara H. Schulak

Battleship (Wicked Software)

Battleship (Wicked Software)

Commodore 64 - Released - 1987

Released as part of "The Big 100" Collection.


Commodore 64 - 1991

Loadstar #085.



Commodore 64 - 1985

Disintegrator is an all machine language arcade game. The object is to protect your base from the invading enemy. For your defense, you have at your disposal eight underground silos from which you can launch bombs that will disintegrate the oncoming enemy. These bombs are activated by pressing the appropriate number key (1-8). The enemy comes in waves of 15. Once all 15 ships have been successfully shot down, the level is complete and the next wave begins to attack at an increased rate of speed. There are nine levels in all. Pressing the space bar will pause the game. Pressing the space...

Laser Strike (Compute)

Laser Strike (Compute)

Commodore 64 - Released - 1986

Published in COMPUTE! 1986/12 (Issue #79), and also in COMPUTE!'s Third Book of C64. In this strategy game for one or two players, your mission is to locate and vaporize your opponent's hidden space force before your force suffers the same fate. "Laser Strike" is a strategy game based on several popular board games (Battleship is probably the most famous). However, unlike the board games, the action in Laser Strike occurs in outer space. Two players secretly deploy their space-ships around the galaxy and then try to locate the opponent's ships by firing laser strikes on the two-dimensional...

Sir Tommy: A Game of Old Patience

Commodore 64 - Released - 1988

Sir Tommy: A Game of Old Patience is a solitaire/patience card game for the Commodore 64. It was developed by Barbara H. Schulak and published by Softdisk Publishing, Inc. in the North American based disk magazine Loadstar. It was in Loadstar #51.

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